System Run Dry

To dry run a system you should make sure that your compressor leads are clear and taped off to prevent any injuries. Then energize the control circuit – then there are several checks that can be made.

Operation of Time

Is the anti-cycle timer operating properly?

Contactor Operation

Does it pull in solid, or is it sluggish or chatter? These problems could result in compressor failure, and should be corrected. Consider if it is dropping out quick enough so that a set of points do not remain in contact.

On a Part Wind System

Is the delay between the two contactors to long? If so, this could put excessive strain on the compressor motor and cause long term damage. Try to keep the delay down to 1 second.

Is Your Control Circuit Working Properly?

The Operation of Your Oil Pressure Control

While you are dry running your compressor, it is the opportune time to make sure that your oil pressure control is timing out and opening up.